Our “classroom” facilities are at 23 Michau Street, Strand.
We are proud to list the following facilities which are available for the students:

Dive Tank
• 3.5 m deep x 2 m diameter
• View Port
• The first week of diving is done in our tank for assessment purposes. (controlled environment)
• Tank used to simulate situations such as: Mask off, DB Out, Air Off

Decompression Chamber
• 3.6 meter Dive Chamber – 6 Man
• Simulations up to 60 meter depths
• Decompression sickness treatment for students and local community

37 Ft Fibreglass Chucky
• Compressor / Air lines on boat
• Scuba and Air Supply dives from boat

Course Accommodation 
• Guest house with 3 wholesome meals per day
• including washing ironing and cleaning
• medical cover for each student
• transport to work each day

The accommodation consists of four (4) bedrooms, three (3) bathrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen. Meals are catered for 6 days a week, 3 times a day. Our professional chef and her staff cater for Hindu’s, Muslims, vegetarians etc.

The accommodation is equipped with satellite television, wireless internet and has a undercover built in BBQ area.

There is ample room for parking of vehicles.

Tools and Plants
• 4 inch Gravel Pump
• Hydraulic Packs
• Pneumatic Pumps
• 26 CFM Road Compressor
• Air Lift
• 3 x Underwater Welding Plants
• 2 x Jackhammers
• 2 x Impact Wrenches
• Pneumatic & Hydraulic Grinders
• Pneumatic Probe
• Airlift
• Brocco Cutting
• Underwater Welding

• Lecture room with AV Facilities

We have a fully rigged, out and, HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANT WORKSHOP on our premises where the student divers can after booking out tools work with the various tools under supervision.

We have a wide variety of tools from huge shifting spanners weighing 15kgs to FLOGGING TOOLS, we also have our own metal lathe and milling machines that we use to manufacture parts and tools for the industry.

Equipment Store
The equipment store or as is widely known in the industry, “the shiny store”, contains the main nuts and bolts of any dive school.

We have a wide range of helmets in our store including:
• Kirby Morgan 18 bandmasks
• KM 17 helmets
• Genesis Helmets
• Omega Bandmasks
• Ocean Reef masks
• Aga Divator masks
• Wireless communications
• Hard wire comms
• O2 analysers
• and more….

Underwater Photography
SONY DSC-V3 14 MP camera with IKELITE UNDERWATER HOUSING with strobe lights that has still as well as video capabilities rated to 50mtre.



Classroom Classroom