Class IV - 30MTRE Scuba

4 Week Course

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As defined by the SOUTH AFRICAN DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR, this is the 1st course of a commercial diving career and has to be done by all new commercial divers. CLASS IV is the COMMERCIAL DIVING SCUBA QUALIFICATION,even if you hold a sports scuba qualification, you still have to start with CLASS IV. The purpose of the qualification is to introduce the trainee diver to an underwater environment with theoretical and practical training, ensuring that the trainee is competent to dive safely whilst carrying out specific underwater tasks needed by this class. You will be able to be employed as a Scientific, archaeological, police and or fire brigade diver.


All trainees must be 18 years and older, must have passed a

DIVE MEDICAL at a DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR approved DIVE DOCTOR.The trainee must be able to do basic mathematics-add/subtract/divide/minus,be able to speak,read and write English. The trainee has to pass a swim test on the surface and underwater and be able to breathhold underwater.

He/she must have the right attitude and must be willing to learn and work hard-the course is intense.


LECTURES IN, History of diving, diving physics, diving physiology, diving procedures, decompression theory, decompression tables, diving emergencies, compressors HP and LP, air banks, decompression chambers, diver communication, seamanship, HIRA, dive planning, dive equipment, safety, underwater hazards and diver legislation.

Tests will be done during the course.

PRACTICAL,orientation dive in our 3,5mtre deep dive tank,basic scuba competancy,in water training,underwater emergencies,diver rescue,tools training,underwater communication, lost diver techniques and methods of recall,rope work including knots and splices,filling of cylinders with the HP compressor,equipment maintenance and service.


  • 0- 19 METERS 700 MINUTES 18 DIVES
  • 20-30 METERS 100 MINUTES   6 DIVES


This is however the minimum time required, at JACKS DIVE CHEST we strive to do at least 35 dives and 1200 minutes dive time on SCUBA

You will also do a 50metre dive in the SURFACE DECOMPRESSION CHAMBER checking the effects of NITROGEN NARCOSIS and the effects of BOYLES LAW.


Trainees will need the basic diving equipment which includes, a wetsuit (7mm or 5mm), booties, fins, mask and Safety shoes. We will supply the DVs, (demand valves), BCs, (bouyency compensators), weight belts etc for the duration of the course.


We make use of overhead projection, dvd and PowerPoint presentations. All our lectures are backed up by DVD. We have a dive book library of over 60 dive books and a video library of over 45 videos. Our instructors have over 7500 diving hours and aver 65000 supervisor hours. We train you to work like a commercial diver underwater.