Supervisor Class IV

15 day Course

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SA (DOL) : DOL Class IV * Before commencing on this course you must be registered for 1 year as a Class IV Diver, with 50 logged dives in your logbook and be 21 years old. - Pre-requisites * You then enrol with us, do theory and practical work with a current dive course. The duration of this course is for 15 DAYS. - On Course * After this you have to gain practical experience under a qualified Supervisor in the Commercial Diving Industry and log 50 panel hours in your logbook. - After Course


The candidate must have attained the age of 21 years.

The candidate must have been registered as a Class lV Diver for at least one year.

The candidates must have logged at least 50 dives since qualifying as a Class lV diver.

Pass a medical examination conducted by a designated medical practitioner. This Certificate must be obtained before training commences.

Have satisfactorily completed a DOL approved Diving Supervisor training course at an approved DOL school and have passed the course examination and be registered as such.

Be capable of managing a dive team.

We do not qualify you immediately as a Supervisor. You are only a Learner Supervisor. You will have to complete all requirements to receive your Diving Supervisor certificate. A company letter referring the student on the course to confirm the competence of the student is essential.