Class II

4 Week Course

R45 000.00


All trainees must be 18 years and older, must have passed a

DIVE MEDICAL at a DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR approved DIVE DOCTOR, and the trainee must successfully have completed the COMMERCIAL CLASS III.

The trainee must be able to do basic mathematics-add/subtract/divide/minus,be able to speak,read and write English.

The trainee has to pass a swim test on the surface and underwater and be able to breathhold underwater.

He/she must have the right attitude and must be willing to learn and work hard-the course is intense.


LECTURES IN, History of diving, diving physics, diving physiology, diving procedures, decompression theory, diving emergency’s, compressors HP and LP, air banks, decompression chambers, diver communication, seamanship, HIRA, dive planning, dive equipment, safety, underwater hazards and diver legislation, decompression tables and the treatment of diving sicknesses and accidents, L3 1st aid course,

Tests will be done during the course.


Lectures in structures in the offshore industry, * Lectures in Dynamic positioning vessels, * Lectures in Surface decompression, * Lectures in various tools and equipment, Tests will be done during the course. 

PRACTICAL: Dives will be done up to 50 meters Dives will be done from our Wetbell at 12 meters Will be working on a complicated riser flange system Dives with Hotwater suits and a functioning hot water machine. At JACKS DIVE CHEST we strive to do at least 35 dives and 1200 minutes dive time. We make use of overhead projection,DVD and Powerpoint presentations. All our lectures are backed up by DVD. We have a dive book library of over 60 dive books and a video library of over 45 videos.Our instructors have over 7500 diving hours and aver 65000 supervisor hours. We train you to work like a commercial diver underwater.


The trainee will need his own wetsuit 5mm or 7mm,fins, mask,booties and Safety shoes. We supply all trainees with overalls, tshirts,caps,backpack,manuals for the course. On successful completion of the class III commercial dive course you are awarded a personalized DOGTAG as proof of your completion of the commercial dive course.

At JACKS DIVE CHEST we are proud to say we assist you in finding your 1st job,we cannot guarantee work but out of 44 divers trained in 2011 we assisted in getting work for 36 divers. None of the other commercial dive schools in SOUTH AFRICA assist you in this way.

We are also proud that we train in you in a vast array of disciplines, preparing you for the industry, our course is the most practical course offered out of all the commercial dive schools in SOUTH AFRICA. Check us out on FACEBOOK-JACKS DIVE CHEST speak to any of our friends, check our wall posts-we post a stream of jobs for the divers.