Dive's Offered



We have a wide range of tools, from pneumatic's to hydraulic's, to hand tools and you start getting experience from day 1 in the use thereof, starting in a day explaining and identifying the tools, from ” chicken wings ” to ” monkey wrenches “. Each instructor has his own pack of pneumatic tools, and every instructor will instruct you in the use thereof and you culminate in several days of BROCO CUTTING UNDERWATER where you witness 1st hand a flame burning from a thermic lance underwater.

You are given tools to use in your dives during and up to 0-9m, 10-19m, 20-29m, 30-39m, and 40-50m. You will work on a variety of flanges and disciplines.

We also offer specialized training for companies tasked with a specific task and offer at rates refresher courses in WET BELL, KM MASKS AND HATS, BROCO CUTTING, CHAMBERS, 1ST AID, DAN O2 PROVIDER COURSES, WELDING UNDERWATER. If you are a company or an individual, 1 or a group, we can cater for you. We will also gladly give advice & assistance where we can and will source any helmet within days should you request a specialist course.

We can and will give you the best advice where to conduct extra training from underwater welding, NDT, to ROV work. We are in the process of setting up within our Institution facilities to present DIVER MEDIC TRAINING. All our instructors are professionals and you can expect professionalism at all times and definitely no improper imprudent liaisons between instructors and students.

We have a 3.5 meter dive tank with a glass view port inside our premises in the STRAND where diving instruction is given in all the basics of SCUBA and SURFACE SUPPLY, we are not affected by the weather or time of day, here personal one on one training is given. Should you wish to embark on a CAREER as a COMMERCIAL DIVER but are worried that you might not be able to put a helmet on, come visit us, where we will give you a lecture and instruction and let you do a dive in controlled circumstances with an instructor in our dive tank, before you spend R1000’s enrolling for a course and you do not enjoy it. Come see us with your previous SCUBA DIVING experience be it PADI, NAUI, CMAS etc and get a financial discount from us to do your COMMERCIAL TICKET.

On our premises we manufacture diving equipment for the industry, we make up umbilicals, dive panels, communication boxes, dive lights, underwater CCTV systems, hot water machines etc and supply the industry locally and abroad with tested equipment.